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Source Title Date Type
IPC2015 Project Fact Sheet (PDF, 1 MB)February 2015Fact Sheet
BLMB2H Draft Environmental Impact Statement
December 2014NEPA Document
BLMSupporting Documentation for the DEIS
Winter 2014NEPA Document
BLM, ODOE, USFSB2H Newswire Issue 6 - Winter 2014 (PDF, 746 KB)Winter 2014Newsletter
IPCProject FAQs: Federal and Oregon State Sage-Grouse Guidance – May 2014 (PDF, 2 MB)Summer 2014Newsletter
IPC2014 Project Fact Sheet (PDF, 2 MB)Summer 2014Newsletter
BLM, ODOE, USFSB2H Newswire Issue 5 - Summer 2014 (PDF, 577 KB)Summer 2014Newsletter
BLM, ODOE, USFSB2H Newswire Issue 4 - Summer 2013 (PDF, 4 MB)Summer 2013Newsletter
Idaho PowerIntegrated Resource Plan06/2013Planning
ODOEEFSC Process (PDF, 302 KB)06/2013Fact Sheet
BLMFrequently Asked Questions about the B2H preliminary preferred alternatives (PDF, 358 KB)05/2013Fact Sheet
BLMBoardman to Hemingway Transmission Line Map and Routes Available Online (PDF, 350 KB)05/2013Press Release
Bonneville Power AdministrationPrioritization of Options for Service to Southeast Idaho (PDF, 24.9 KB)10/2012Press Release
Idaho PowerB2H Project Fact Sheet (PDF, 3.1 MB)08/2012Fact Sheet
BLM, ODOE, USFSB2H Newswire Issue 3 - Summer 2012 (PDF, 487 KB)Summer 2012Newsletter
ODOEODOE Public Participation (PDF, 358 KB)08/2012Fact Sheet
ODOE2012 Project Order (PDF, 516 KB)03/2012Agency Review
ODOEOregon Energy Facility Siting Council Process Overview (PDF, 41 KB)03/2012Fact Sheet
Idaho PowerThe B2H Connection – Fall 2011 (PDF, 3.2 MB)Fall 2011Newsletter
Idaho PowerStandard-Form 299 Application (PDF, 2.4 MB)11/2011Agency Review
Idaho PowerRevised Plan of Development
11/2011Agency Review
U.S. Department of the InteriorObama Administration Announces Job-Creating Grid Modernization Pilot Projects: Seven Transmission Projects Across 12 States Will Increase Grid Reliability and Integrate Renewable Energies (PDF, 43 KB)10/2011Press Release
BLMSpotlight on Historic Properties (PDF, 1.1 MB)07/2011Fact Sheet
Idaho Power2011 Integrated Resource Plan06/2011Planning
BLM, USFSRevised Scoping Report, Boardman to Hemingway 500kV Transmission Line Project, Environmental Impact Statement
04/2011Agency Review
Idaho PowerCommunity Advisory Process Final Report
BLM, ODOE, USFSB2H Newswire Issue 2 – Winter 2011  (PDF, 1.9 MB)2011Newsletter
BLM, ODOE, USFSPublic Scoping and Information Meeting Materials08/2010Agency Review
Idaho PowerCommunity Advisory Process Fact Sheet (PDF, 642 KB)08/2010Fact Sheet
Idaho PowerSiting Study (PDF, 14.1 MB)
08/2010Agency Review
BLM, USFSRevised Notice of Intent (PDF, 57 KB)07/2010Agency Review
BLM, ODOE, USFSJoint Notification Letter (PDF, 3.0 MB)07/2010Agency Review
Idaho PowerNotice of Intent to Submit an Application for Site Certificate (PDF, 6.1 MB)
07/2010Agency Review
ODOEEFSC Process (PDF, 44 KB)07/2010Fact Sheet
ODOEEnergy Facility Siting Council – Council Standards (PDF, 590 KB)07/2010Fact Sheet
BLM, USFSNEPA Process (PDF, 16 KB)07/2010Fact Sheet
BLM, ODOE, USFSB2H Project and the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center Fact Sheet (PDF, 2.3 MB)07/2010Fact Sheet
Idaho PowerB2H Proposed Route Brochure (PDF, 1.1 MB)07/2010Fact Sheet
Idaho PowerStandard-Form 299 Application (PDF, 3.1 MB)06/2010Agency Review
Idaho PowerPreliminary Plan of Development (PDF, 4.7 MB)
06/2010Agency Review
Idaho PowerWorking with Landowners Brochure (PDF, 736 KB)10/2009Fact Sheet
Idaho PowerWorking with Your Agricultural Operation Brochure (PDF, 296 KB)10/2009Fact Sheet
Idaho Power2009 Integrated Resource Plan (View the OPUC filing)2009Planning
Idaho PowerLetter to BLM regarding Sand Hollow Station (PDF, 43 KB)04/2009Agency Review
Idaho PowerLetter to ODOE-EFSC regarding Sand Hollow Station (PDF, 43 KB)04/2009Agency Review
BLMPublic Scoping Report (PDF, 3.9 MB)04/2009Agency Review
BLM, ODOE, USFSB2H Newswire Issue 1 - Spring 2009 (PDF, 530 KB)2009Newsletter
BLM, ODOEJoint Notification Letter (PDF, 855 KB)09/2008Agency Review
BLMNotice of Intent (PDF, 58 KB)09/2008Agency Review
Idaho PowerTreasure Valley Electrical Plan2006Planning
Idaho PowerHow We Make Electricity Brochure (PDF, 559 KB)12/2005Fact Sheet