Permitting & Field Work

In August 2021, a federal judge dismissed claims brought by the Stop B2H Coalition challenging the BLM and Forest Service’s decisions to approve rights-of-way across federal land for B2H.

On July 2, 2020, the Oregon Department of Energy’s (ODOE) Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC) issued its Proposed Order and Notice of Contested Case for the project. The Contested Case has been in process since August 2020 and a decision is expected in Fall 2022.

More information about the EFSC process and the Application for Site Certificate, including a copy of the Proposed Order, is available on the EFSC Website for B2H.

Working with Landowners

Idaho Power is making progress on the Boardman to Hemingway (B2H) transmission line, a project that will bring reliable, affordable, clean energy to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, as well as the Mountain West.

Idaho Power is beginning to prepare for construction and needs to conduct environmental, geotechnical and land surveys on areas where the line, roads or temporary staging areas could be located.

If your property contains one of these areas needing survey, Idaho Power or its representative, Cornerstone Energy Services, will contact you via letter, email or phone to request Right of Entry for surveys and studies. Surveys will occur between mid-2020 and 2023. If you give us permission to enter your property, we will notify you at least 24 hours before arriving. Permission to enter your property does not constitute your consent to an easement. Our vehicles will be marked with Boardman to Hemingway, or Idaho Power, identification placards.

Idaho Power and Cornerstone will start to work toward easement negotiation. This will include compensation negotiation based on appraisals and fair-market value analyses.