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DEIS Comments

Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line Projects Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Land Use Plan Amendments

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was released for public review and comment on December 19, 2014, for a period of 90 days. The period ended on March 19, 2015. As a result, 380 comment submittals were received. A table and list of the comment submittals is organized in nine sections as follows:

To review a submittal, click on the desired file name in the right column.

The BLM is currently reviewing and analyzing the comments received. The results of the analysis will help the BLM determine how to proceed with the EIS. The comments received and responses to substantive comments will be included in the Final EIS.

Name File
Department of Defense – Department of the Air Force MunstermanG_03172015.pdf
Department of Defense – Department of the Navy McArdleR_03172015.pdf
Department of Energy – Bonneville Power Administration GrangeK_03192015.pdf
Department of the Interior – National Park Service LehnertzC_03192015.pdf
Department of the Interior – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service BuergerT_03192015.pdf
Environmental Protection Agency ReichgottC_03182015.pdf
Name File
Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation HuberA_03192015.pdf
The Shoshone‐Bannock Tribes ColterC_03122015.pdf
Name File
Idaho Governor's Office of Energy Resources PugrudS_03192015.pdf
Oregon Department of Agriculture JohnsonJ_03192015.pdf
Oregon Department of Energy WoodsM_03182015.pdf
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife SeidelN_03192015.pdf
Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development DanielsK_03192015.pdf
Oregon Department of Transportation DavisS_03052015.pdf
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department - State Historic Preservation Office JohnsonI_03052015.pdf
Name File
Baker County BennettM_03192015.pdf
Burnt River Irrigation District MorganW_02092015.pdf
Joint Committee of the Owyhee Project HortonM_01292015.pdf
Malheur County RossK_03112015.pdf
Morrow County McLaneC_03182015.pdf
Morrow County McLaneC_03182015_2.pdf
Owyhee Irrigation District ChamberlinJ_01292015.pdf
Umatilla County MurdockG_03182015.pdf
Union County DavidsonM_03102015.pdf
Name File
City of Baker City KeeM_03192015.pdf
City of Boardman PettigrewK_03192015.pdf
City of Bonners Ferry BoormanS_01122015.pdf
City of Greenleaf HoltonB_03162015.pdf
City of Parma LeighN_01162015.pdf
Idaho Falls Power PrairieB_01232015.pdf
Nongovernmental Organizations
Name File
Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association BuchalJ_03062015.pdf
Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association OlsenD_03172015.pdf
Defenders of Wildlife CavaE_03192015.pdf
Gail Carbiener; Oregon-California Trails Association; Hells Canyon Preservation Council; Oregon Wild; WildEarth Guardians MellgrenJ_03182015.pdf
Gail Carbiener; Oregon-California Trails Association; Hells Canyon Preservation Council; Oregon Wild; WildEarth Guardians MellgrenJ_03192015.pdf
Glass Hill Coalition TurleyD_03182015.pdf
Idaho Farm Bureau Federation PriestlyF_03192015.pdf
Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation HeacockR_02242015.pdf
Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation HeacockR_03162015.pdf
Northeast Oregon Cyclist Club REDACTED_01262015.pdf
Northeast Oregon Water Association CookJ_03192015.pdf
Northwest Requirements Utilities WeathersB_03192015.pdf
Oregon Historic Trails Advisory Council HarrisonG_01052015.pdf
Oregon Historic Trails Advisory Council HarrisonG_03162015.pdf
Oregon Natural Desert Association, Idaho Conservation League, Oregon Wild, Hells Canyon Preservation Council and The Wilderness Society MorseD_03182015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association TompkinsJ_02252015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association TompkinsJ_03152015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association TompkinsJ_03162015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association TompkinsJ_03162015_2.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association BolerjackJ_03172015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association JensonD_03172015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association KrakowJ_03172015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association KrizekJ_03162015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association SymmsW_03122015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association SymmsW_03162015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association SymmsW_03192015.pdf
Oregon-California Trails Association WelchD_03182015.pdf
Public Power Council BakerN_03192015.pdf
Renewable Northwest DeckerM_03192015.pdf
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation RichardsonB_03182015.pdf
Snake River Alliance MillerK_03182015.pdf
Stop Idaho Power FindleyJ_01222015.pdf
The Nature Conservancy PopperK_03192015.pdf
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership SheppardM_03192015.pdf
WildEarth Guardians MolvarE_03132015.pdf
WildLands Defense FiteK_03192015.pdf
WildLands Defense FiteK_03192015_2.pdf
WildLands Defense FiteK_03192015_3.pdf
Educational Institutions
Name File
Eastern Oregon University AntellK_03192015.pdf
Name File
Baker Produce South, Inc. TippettT_03192015.pdf
Battle Creek Outfitters REDACTED_03162015_2.pdf
Bokides Properties LLC BokidesD_03192015.pdf
Burnt River Ranch ShookD_03192015.pdf
Burnt River Ranch ShookS_03192015.pdf
Burnt River Ranch VanArsdallD_03192015.pdf
Burnt River Ranch VanArsdallJ_03192015.pdf
Burnt River Ranch VanArsdallR_03192015.pdf
Burnt River Ranch VanArsdallM_03192015.pdf
Cunningham Sheep Company CoreyS_03192015.pdf
Elements of Health SchumacherJ_03192015.pdf
Elk Song Ranch AllenB_03182015.pdf
Elk Song Ranch AllenBrad_03192015.pdf
Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative CaseB_01122015.pdf
Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative CaseB_01132015.pdf
Gladstone Land Corporation VanWingerdenJ_03192015.pdf
Gladstone Land Corporation GladstoneD_03192015.pdf
GreenWood Resources, Inc. RiceD_03192015.pdf
Hale Companies ReederC_03192015.pdf
Homeland Fireworks LawsonB_03192015.pdf
Idaho County Light & Power Cooperative Assoc., Inc. EimersJ_01272015.pdf
Idaho Power Company AdamsT_03192015.pdf
Joseph Millworks Inc. JosephR_03092015.pdf
Lower Valley Energy WintersN_01122015.pdf
Mackenzie Ranch LLC REDACTED_03052015.pdf
Mackenzie Ranch LLC REDACTED_03052015_2.pdf
Matheny Ranch MathenyP_03082015.pdf
Meenderinck Dairy, LLC, Pioneer Commodities, LLC, Pioneer Trucking, Inc. ArbaughR_02172015.pdf
Pacific Northwest Generating Cooperative ScottA_03192015.pdf
Sage Hollow Ranch, LLC BosmaJ_01272015.pdf
Salmon River Electric Co-op DizesK_01122015.pdf
Salmon River Electric Co-op REDACTED_01122015.pdf
Umatilla Electric Cooperative WardK_03192015.pdf
Windy River, Hale Companies, Boardman Tree Farm, Pasco Farming, Inc. ReedK_03192015.pdf
Windy River, Westland Enterprises, LLC, Terra Poma Land LLC., Homestead Farms, Inc. BurnsJ_03192015.pdf
Wirth Ranch Inc. WirthM_02092015.pdf
Name File
(Anonymous) REDACTED_01072015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_01092015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_01122015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_01122015_2.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_01122015_3.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03052015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03062015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03092015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03142015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03142015_2.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03162015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03172015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03172015_2.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03182015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03192015.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03192015_2.pdf
(Anonymous) REDACTED_03192015_3.pdf
Rich and Nora Adamo AdamoN_03162015.pdf
JR and Kecia Adams AdamsK_03192015.pdf
Mark and Susie Alexander AlexanderM_03172015.pdf
Anna Allen AllenA_03182015.pdf
Brad and June Allen AllenB_03192015.pdf
Justin Allen AllenJ_03192015.pdf
Logan Allen AllenL_03192015.pdf
Ann Allison AllisonA_03142015.pdf
Stephen Anderson AndersonS_03132015.pdf
Karen Andrade AndradeK_03182015.pdf
Chris Arvidson ArvidsonC_03182015.pdf
Jayne Bailey BaileyJ_03162015.pdf
Kayla Bailey BaileyK_03122015.pdf
Shana Bailey BaileyS_03182015.pdf
Lois Barry BarryL_03192015.pdf
Peter Barry BarryP_03192015.pdf
Carolyne Berg BergC_03122015.pdf
Linda Bergeron BergeronL_03162015.pdf
Jessica Berg BergJ_03152015.pdf
Terri and Mark Berthelsen BerthelsenT_03192015.pdf
Roger Blair BlairR_03172015.pdf
Kim Boddie BoddieK_03182015.pdf
Patti Bolthouse BolthouseP_03132015.pdf
Sarah Brandt BrandtS_03122015.pdf
Shelley Bresnen BresnenS_03122015.pdf
Timothy and Patricia Brewer BrewerT_03042015.pdf
Thomas Brown BrownT_01102015.pdf
Thomas Brown BrownT_02262015.pdf
Gerda Brownton and Lanetta Paul BrowntonG_01122015.pdf
Harold Bruning BruningH_01122015.pdf
Cheryl Buchanan BuchananC_03192015.pdf
Chuck Buchanan BuchananChuck_03192015.pdf
Jean Bunch BunchJ_03192015.pdf
Rodd Bunch BunchR_03192015.pdf
Wayne Burck BurckW_03152015.pdf
Marty Campbell CampbellM_03122015.pdf
Vicki Cantlon CantlonV_03122015.pdf
Gail Carbiener Carbiener_01312015.pdf
Gail Carbiener CarbienerG_01052015.pdf
Gail Carbiener CarbienerG_01262015.pdf
Gail Carbiener CarbienerG_02082015.pdf
Gail Carbiener CarbienerG_02172015.pdf
Gail Carbiener CarbienerG_02192015.pdf
Gail Carbiener CarbienerG_03062015.pdf
Mike Carnahan CarnahanM_03062015.pdf
Dawn Carroll CarrollD_03162015.pdf
Tina Cave CaveT_03132015.pdf
Brett Christiano ChristianoB_03172015.pdf
Linda Christiano ChristianoL_03122015.pdf
Norm Cimon CimonN_03082015.pdf
Matt Cooper CooperM_01062015.pdf
Robert Coward CowardR_03152015.pdf
Kaela Curtis CurtisK_03122015.pdf
Kalley Dean DeanK_03142015.pdf
Tiah DeGrofft DeGrofftT_03122015.pdf
Stephen Dennis DennisS_03192015.pdf
Steve Deruyter DeRuyterS_03162015.pdf
Whit Deschner DeschnerW_01082015.pdf
Whit Deschner DeschnerW_02022015.pdf
Whit Deschner DeschnerW_03052015.pdf
Whit Deschner DeschnerW_03152015.pdf
Susy Dewald DewaldS_03132015.pdf
Dick D'Ewart DewartR_03192015.pdf
Brittany Doherty DohertyB_03182015.pdf
Raymond and Teri Doherty DohertyT_03182015.pdf
Dennis Dorrah DorrahD_03162015.pdf
Roy Durfee DurfeeR_03122015.pdf
Corrine Dutto DuttoC_01212015.pdf
Raymond Egan EganR_02232015.pdf
Christine Eidson EidsonC_03192015.pdf
Shirley Evans EvansS_03152015.pdf
Julie Eyler EylerJ_03142015.pdf
Connie Feltman FeltmanC_03142015.pdf
Matt Fisher FisherM_03192015.pdf
William Flack FlackW_03172015.pdf
Dick Fleming FlemingD_01082015.pdf
Elaine Fleshman FleshmanE_03122015.pdf
Patricia Fletcher FletcherP_02162015.pdf
Heidi Fluegel FluegelH_03132015.pdf
Karen Ford FordK_03122015.pdf
Warren and Kay Forsythe ForsytheW_03162015.pdf
Suzanne Fouty FoutyS_03182015.pdf
Kathy Franzwa FranzwaK_02172015.pdf
Sharon Gaines GainesS_03122015.pdf
Cynthia Gallaher GallaherC_03162015.pdf
Dave Gallaher GallaherD_03192015.pdf
Marie Gaylord GaylordM_03192015.pdf
Melinda Giddings GiddingsM_03122015.pdf
Irene Gilbert GilbertI_03192015.pdf
Judith Glad GladJ_03172015.pdf
Joel Goldstein GoldsteinJ_03192015.pdf
Randell Guyer GuyerR_03182015.pdf
Allen Hack HackA_03192015.pdf
Steven Hahn and Lois Grushka HahnS_03122015.pdf
Marie Hall HallM_03152015.pdf
Marie Hall HallM_03182015.pdf
Robert Hall HallR_03142015.pdf
Tessa Hamilton HamiltonT_03192015.pdf
Patricia Hammill HammillP_03132015.pdf
Ann Marie Hardin HardinA_03122015.pdf
Jacki Harrison HarrisonJ_03122015.pdf
John Hayes HayesJ_03172015.pdf
Stafford Hazelett HazelettS_03192015.pdf
Fred and Evelyn Heid HeidF_03192015.pdf
Monte Heid HeidM_02122015.pdf
Jennifer Heimgartner HeimgartnerJ_03122015.pdf
Richard Heinemann HeinemannR_01172015.pdf
Ramona Helgerson HelgersonR_03152015.pdf
Kristi Hergert HergertK_03152015.pdf
Rich Herman HermanR_03162015.pdf
Doris Hess HessD_03122015.pdf
Naomi Hilary HilaryN_03142015.pdf
Maxine Hines HinesM_03192015.pdf
Gayle Hoeft HoeftG_03182015.pdf
Chuck and Suzanne Hornbuckle HornbuckleC_03042015.pdf
Suzanne Hornbuckle HornbuckleS_03142015.pdf
Jack and Dianne Horton HortonJ_03092015.pdf
Nancy Horton HortonN_03192015.pdf
Linda Hudson HudsonL_03262015.pdf
Ann Humes HumesA_03122015.pdf
Bruce and Carol Hummel HummelB_02072015.pdf
P. Jackson JacksonP_03182015.pdf
Rachel Janzen JanzenR_03072015.pdf
Kenneth Jensen JensenK_03182015.pdf
Garth and Tonia Johnson JohnsonG_03182015.pdf
Rachel Joost JoostR_03122015.pdf
Barb Kabel KabelB_02162015.pdf
Flossie Keeler KeelerF_01282015.pdf
Frank Keith KeithF_03172015.pdf
John Kilkenny KilkennyJ_03132015.pdf
Robin Klotz KlotzR_01252015.pdf
Robin Klotz KlotzR_03122015.pdf
Edward Kotz KotzE_03162015.pdf
Jim and C. Fuji Kreider KriederJ_03192015.pdf
Carolyn Kulog KulogC_03182015.pdf
Sarah Lamborn LambornS_03132015.pdf
Piers Lamb LambP_03122015.pdf
Dennis Larsen LarsenD_0315.pdf2015.pdf
Harry Larson LarsonH_03122015.pdf
Jennifer Levanger LevangerJ_03142015.pdf
Meredee Lloyd LloydM_01042015.pdf
Mark Lobbestael LobbestaelM_03122015.pdf
Kevin and Marilyn Logsdon LogsdonM_03192015.pdf
Lacey Loughmiller LoughmillerL_03122015.pdf
George Luciani LucianiG_03172015.pdf
Karen Luciani LucianiK_03162015.pdf
Deedee Lum LumD_03132015.pdf
Robert Lynch LynchR_03192015.pdf
Christopher and Margie Lyon LyonC_03122015.pdf
Charles Lyons LyonsC_03192015.pdf
Anne March MarchA_01252015.pdf
Peter and Verna Markgraf MarkgrafV_03102015.pdf
William and Calesta Markgraf MarkgrafW_03192015.pdf
Gary Marlette MarletteG_03092015.pdf
Joann Marlette MarletteJ_03092015.pdf
Peter Martin MartinP_02112015.pdf
Peter Martin MartinP_02112015_2.pdf
Nathan Marvin MarvinN_01232015.pdf
Dorothy Mason MasonD_01122015.pdf
Paul Massee MasseeP_03152015.pdf
Michael McAllister McAllisterM_03172015.pdf
Sue McCarthy McCarthyS_01062015.pdf
Pat and Sue McCarthy McCarthyS_03152015.pdf
Mary McCracken McCrackenM_03062015.pdf
Mary McCracken McCrackenM_03112015.pdf
Mary McCracken McCrackenM_12272014.pdf
Phyllis McGarry McGarryP_03172015.pdf
Mike McGinnis McGinnisM_03182015.pdf
Nicky McGinnis McGinnisN_03182015.pdf
Michael McGourty McGourtyM_03172015.pdf
Pat McGourty McGourtyP_03172015.pdf
Paige McKague McKagueP_03132015.pdf
Robert McKim McKimR_01102015.pdf
Ann Mehaffy MehaffyA_03162015.pdf
Baker Merlyn MerlynB_01162015.pdf
John Milbert MilbertJ_03172015.pdf
Jenny Miller MillerJ_03162015.pdf
Marie Miller MillerM_03142015.pdf
Mary E. Miller MillerM_03182015.pdf
Lynn Miracle MiracleL_03132015.pdf
William and Kathleen Mitchell MitchellK_03192015.pdf
David and Maxine Moody MoodyD_03032015.pdf
David Moody MoodyD_03182015.pdf
Michael and Barbara Morehead MoreheaM_03122015.pdf
Larry and Rochelle Morris MorrisL_03162015.pdf
Munds Munds_03152015.pdf
N.R. Munn MunnN_03082015.pdf
Gwenda Music MusicG_03122015.pdf
Leta Neiderheiser NeiderheiserL_03172015.pdf
Bradley Nelson NelsonB_01032015.pdf
Lloyd Nelson NelsonL_03092015.pdf
William and Margaret Nolan NolanW_03162015.pdf
Bob Oelke OelkeB_01172015.pdf
Carrie Parks ParksC_03192015.pdf
Lethen Parks ParksL_03192015.pdf
Lanetta Paul PaulL_01082015.pdf
Gary Pearson PearsonG_03162015.pdf
Peggy Pearson PearsonP_03182015.pdf
Nancy and Elizabeth Peyron PeyronN_03192015.pdf
Patricia Phillips PhillipsP_03122015.pdf
Thomas Phillips PhillipsT_03122015.pdf
Buck Pilkenton PilkentonB_03162015.pdf
Richard Pingrey PingreyR_03152015.pdf
Tisha Porter PorterT_03182015.pdf
Jean Public PublicJ_12202014.pdf
Michael and Donna Ragsdale RagsdaleM_03192015.pdf
Teri Rasmussen RasmussenT_03142015.pdf
Kayla Reffett ReffettK_03122015.pdf
Peggy Renfroe RenfroeP_03052015.pdf
Nona Rhea RheaN_03122015.pdf
Christine Rieb RiebC_03142015.pdf
James Riehl RiehlJ_03182015.pdf
Sallie Riehl RiehlS_03182015.pdf
Karen Riener RienerK_03172015.pdf
Billie Roberts RobertsB_03162015.pdf
Ron and Ann Rowan RowanR_03192015.pdf
Lloyd Royer RoyerL_03192015.pdf
Leanne Ruby RubyL_03132015.pdf
Valerie Russell RussellV_03192015.pdf
Deanne Sams SamsD_03132015.pdf
Richard Sandford SandfordR_03152015.pdf
Tracie Saunders SaundersT_03122015.pdf
Curtis Sauret SauretC_12192014.pdf
Evelyn Price Sayers SayersE_01172015.pdf
Kristen Sayers SayersK_03122015.pdf
Gordon and Judy Schroeder SchroederG_03192015.pdf
Briana Schumacher SchumacherB_03122015.pdf
Marley Shurtleff ShurtleffM_0316015.pdf
Gary Smith SmithG_03112015.pdf
Heather Solisz SoliszH_03042015.pdf
Larry and Laurie Solisz SoliszL_03182015.pdf
Karen Steenhof SteenhofK_03182015.pdf
Linda Kay Stelle StelleL_03052015.pdf
Julie Summerfield SummerfieldJ_03122015.pdf
Gail Taber TaberG_03142015.pdf
Erin Taggart TaggartE_03042015.pdf
Colby Thompson ThompsonC_03182015.pdf
Deward and Kathy Thompson ThompsonD_03182015.pdf
Thomas Thompson ThompsonT_01202015.pdf
Thomas Thompson ThompsonT_03172015.pdf
Michael and Ann Trindle TrindleM_03162015.pdf
Andy and Karen Vanderplaat VanderPlaatA_03192015.pdf
Champ Vaughan VaughanC_02252015.pdf
Debra Votaw and Merlyn Baker VotawD_03152015.pdf
Kami Walborn WalbornK_03122015.pdf
Edward Walsh WalshE_03192015.pdf
Frank Walter WalterF_03192015.pdf
Lindsey Ward WardL_03122015.pdf
Adolph Weinke WeinkeA_03102015.pdf
Danna Werner WernerD_03132015.pdf
Kenneth and Anita West WestK_03182015.pdf
Kristin Whiteid WhiteidK_02022015.pdf
John Williams WilliamsJ_03182015.pdf
Frances Wilson WilsonF_03132015.pdf
John Winters WintersJ_01072015.pdf
Marcia Wirth WirthM_03192015.pdf
Lesley Wischmann WischmannL_03152015.pdf
Jill Wyatt WyattJ_03092015.pdf
David and Karen Yeakley YeakleyD_03092015.pdf
Vivian Zikmund ZikmundV_03182015.pdf