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  1. How can the public participate in this project?

    The project's public involvement program includes multiple opportunities for the public to participate by submitting comments, attending public meetings hosted by Idaho Power, BLM and/or ODOE and keeping informed through project materials such as this website and newsletters. We encourage your participation and welcome your comments and questions about the project.

    Visit the Public Involvement page for more information.

  2. Can Idaho residents participate in the Oregon energy facility siting process?

    Oregon’s energy facility siting process consolidates state and local regulations in Oregon. ODOE’s Siting Division administers the site certificate application process and serves as technical staff to the Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC). EFSC will approve the project’s Application for an Energy Facility Site Certificate only if it meets the EFSC siting standards including land use, safety and environmental impact, which apply on both public and private lands. EFSC only has permitting authority in Oregon. It has no authority to either approve or deny a proposed facility on land in Idaho. Oregon’s energy facility siting process consolidates state and local regulations in Oregon.

    However, Idaho residents are welcome to participate in the Oregon facility siting process. Under Oregon law, any person may participate in the EFSC process. There is no requirement that the person be an Oregon resident. An Idaho resident can also request party status in the contested case hearing which happens at the end of the energy facility siting process.

    If you live in Idaho and would like to receive notices issued by the ODOE and EFSC, please sign-up via the ODOE/EFSC GovDelivery system.

  3. How was I added to the project mailing list?

    If you receive mail or email from the B2H Project Team, you were added to our mailing list in one of the following ways:

    • Based on county records, you own property within 2,070 feet on either side of the centerline of the proposed or alternative routes. Any time routes are updated (for example, new alternatives) landowners within this notification corridor are identified and added to the mailing list. Please note our parcel ownership information is constantly updated based on landowner feedback and will be updated with new county records before the DEIS is released and the pASC is determined to be complete.
    • You provided your contact information on a sign-in sheet or filled out a comment form at a public meeting.
    • You signed up for the project mailing list or submitted a comment on this B2H project website.
    • You contacted the BLM, USFS or Idaho Power regarding the project.
    • You were identified by a federal agency as an interested party.