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A variety of transmission line structure designs may be used for the project. The structures may be a combination of single and double circuit towers and steel lattice and tubular steel towers.

Idaho Power follows all applicable safety codes and standards to ensure our systems operate safely and reliably. The National Electric Safety Code (NESC) is the industry–accepted safety standard which guides the design, installation, operation and maintenance of transmission lines and equipment.

If the federal and state agencies approve a transmission line route, Idaho Power will work with affected property owners to determine the exact line location and identify opportunities to reduce impacts to the property. Visit our Landowners section for more information.

The approximate proposed design standards are listed below.

Tower heights
  • Steel lattice: 135 to 180 feet
  • Steel pole H-frame: 100 to 165 feet
  • Steel pole: 130 to 150 feet
Tower footprint 40 by 40 feet
Span length (average) 1,100 to 1,200 feet
Ground clearance (average) 35 feet
Right of way width 250 feet
Potential Tower Structures

Image showing the potential family of transmission line structures that would be used to support the transmission lines. The image includes towers with heights ranging between: 140 and 190 feet for a single-circuit, steel lattice tower, 100 and 165 feet for a single-circuit, steel H-frame tower and 130 and 150 feet for a single-circuit steel pole. In addition, the image shows a 250 foot right of way for each tower structure.

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