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Idaho Power’s Routing Goals

Idaho Power has the following goals while identifying and evaluating transmission line corridors for the B2H Project:

  • Avoid and/or minimize impacts to the environment to the greatest extent possible.
  • Develop a corridor that meets engineering and construction requirements in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Connect existing and planned substations.
  • Solicit public comment and implement suggestions, where possible.
Development of Proposed and Alternative Routes

Following the review of comments received during the public scoping period (fall 2008/winter 2009), Idaho Power initiated the Community Advisory Process (CAP) to recommend proposed and alternate routes for the proposed B2H Project. Process participants identified issues and concerns, determined and evaluated potential constraints and opportunities, and recommended proposed and alternate transmission line routes.

Based on the recommendations and feedback of the CAP, Idaho Power selected a proposed route in April 2010. It, along with several alternatives, was submitted in summer 2010 to the state and federal agencies for their separate application review processes. Review the CAP Report for details on the process and the resulting recommendations.

Micrositing the Routes

Micrositing involves looking at the proposed route on a "micro" level and identifying features on the ground that may affect where a tower or access road may be placed.

While no final route has been determined, feedback from landowners and communities and on-the-ground studies expand our understanding of the area and allow us to refine our routes to help reduce possible impacts.

Data from the field surveys are also assisting that effort as we identify areas of concern or more amenable areas for routing the line. Visit the Maps page to view the most up-to-date project route maps.

As the project progresses and the routing is refined to a 250-foot right of way corridor, we will work with individual landowners to discuss where best to site the transmission line towers and access roads on their land.

This website is the joint Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line Project site. Information contained on this site is approved for posting by Idaho Power. Visit the Idaho Power website.