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Looking at the Land
Learn more about Idaho Power's fieldwork activities this summer for the B2H Project, which include getting out on the ground to review roads and terrain, cultural sites, wildlife habitat and more.
Planning the Boardman to Hemingway Line
Learn about the B2H Project, including the project history, the purpose of and need for the project, the Community Advisory Process and the environmental review process.
Agriculture Operations near Transmission Lines
This computer simulation demonstrates agricultural operations that can take place adjacent to or under a 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission line.
Irrigating Under Transmission Lines
This time-lapse photo sequence shows how a pivot-irrigation system operates in an alfalfa field underneath a 500 kV transmission line in Hagerman, Idaho.
Our Energy Future
Learn more about our current energy challenge and what is needed to meet it.

Videos on the Web

Want to view more transmission line-related videos? There are a number of third-party videos online showing transmission line construction and aerial spraying near transmission lines.

Please note Idaho Power did not contribute to the content or development of any of these videos. While these videos provide good general information, Idaho Power does not endorse any opinion, recommendation or advice expressed in these videos.

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