Map A, Agency Selected Route (N.E.P.A.)

This is the Agency Selected Route and is part of the National Environmental Policy Act (N.E.P.A.) process. This route starts in Boardman, Oregon, and ends at the Hemingway substation in Idaho. From Boardman, it goes south to the end of Bombing Range Road and then heads east. It then runs south of the town of Pilot Rock and goes north before following U.S. Highway southeast into Union County, Oregon. From there, the line would run on the south side of Highway 30 until it is well east of La Grande. As the line enters Baker County, Oregon, it runs to the north of Highway 30/Interstate 84 until it crosses the highway again between Baker City and Durkee, Oregon. The route then follows I-84 southeast on the south side of the highway into Malheur County, Oregon. In the last leg of this proposed route, the line would swing wide to the west around Ontario, Oregon and loosely follow the Snake River southeast past Lake Owyhee into the Hemingway substation in Owyhee County, Idaho. This route was selected by the Bureau of Land Management’s (B.L.M.) Record of Decision (R.O.D.) for the B.2.H. project on November 17, 2017. For more information, click the “Agency Selected Route (NEPA)” button on the maps screen.

Map B, Proposed Route (E.F.S.C.)

This is the route that Idaho Power submitted in the amended Preliminary Application for Site Certificate (a.P.A.S.C.) to the Oregon Department of Energy for consideration by Oregon’s Energy Facility Siting Council (E.F.S.C.) in July of 2017. This route is nearly identical to the Agency Selected Route, with the exception of one alternative in Union County. The difference between the Agency Selected Route and the route included in Idaho Power’s a.P.A.S.C is that the a.P.A.S.C. route runs slightly more north when running around La Grande. The alternative route begins south of Hillard and meets back up with the Agency Selected Route again after Highway 30 heads due south again, east of La Grande.