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The project's public participation programs (conducted by Idaho Power, BLM and ODOE) strive to create awareness and understanding of the project and provide opportunities for meaningful public participation. The public participation goals shared by Idaho Power, BLM and ODOE include:

  • Using a variety of tools and methods to provide relevant, accurate, clear and timely information.
  • Being visible, accessible and responsive to the public in person, by phone and through written correspondence.
  • Providing information to help the public better understand the project’s purpose and need, benefits, issues, and potential effects to social, economic, health and environmental resources in the area.
  • Consulting with the public on issues related to the proposed transmission line, including siting, design, construction and maintenance.
  • Creating awareness of input opportunities and formal comment periods.
  • Facilitating public understanding of the environmental review and permitting processes, including the National Environmental Policy Act process, ODOE-EFSC process, and other state and local permitting processes.
  • Informing the public of decision-making criteria and how it is applied in final decisions related to the transmission line.
  • Continually evaluating the effectiveness of the public participation programs and update them, as appropriate, to respond to public needs and concerns.
Public Participation Tools

Idaho Power, BLM and ODOE use a variety of tools and processes to create awareness of the project and facilitate meaningful public participation. The tools/processes are selected based on specific public participation goals and objectives as well as pertinent statutory, and regulatory agency responsibly related to public involvement.

The following are tools that may be used to engage the community:

  • Direct mailings (newsletters, invitations) to the project mailing list
  • E-mail notifications from ODOE/EFSC.
  • Public Informational Meetings
  • Display boards
  • Fact sheets and brochures
  • Government and jurisdictional briefings
  • Kiosks/booths
  • Media (ads/articles/interviews)
  • Multimedia (photos/video)
  • Open houses
  • Personal communication
  • Presentations and discussions
  • Project websites
  • Public document viewing locations
  • Public meetings and workshops
  • Questionnaires/comment forms
  • Site tours
  • Stakeholder working groups (e.g. Idaho Power’s Community Advisory Process)
  • Technical briefings